Becoming Bulletproof in The New York Times!

Hey everyone! The documentary about my movie, Becoming Bulletproof, just got a review in the New York Times!

Check it out here!

About Jeremy

Jeremy Vest is twenty-nine years old and lives in Wilmington, North Carolina, known by some as a town where “quaint-meets-wacky,” which suits Jeremy’s quirky gregarious nature.

He graduated from Quince Orchard High School and attended the Berkshire Hills Music Academy in South Hadley, Massachusetts for two years.

But, he was too restless to stay for a third year. Jeremy was ready for something new and exciting and he found it as a member of the “How’s Your News?” team. Jeremy joined How’s Your News? as a drummer for the band in 2004 and then became one of the reporters when he showed a talent for interviewing people.

Jeremy has Williams Syndrome, a genetic condition that causes poor visual spatial skills, a significant math disability, and other problems. But he is great at recognizing faces and is far more extroverted than most people.

Many people with Williams have outstanding musical skills. Jeremy plays the piano, but he is an amazing drummer.

He began playing the drum set at the age of six, and studied with his mentor Wes Crawford for nearly 20 years. Jeremy jams with local bands and frequently sits in with State Radio one of his favorite bands.

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Beginning in 2005 he’s honed his acting skills making movies at the Cheshire Project in LA.

Jeremy has five thousand friends on his Facebook Page. But for fans and critics who have seen him on How’s Your News?, Jeremy truly shines when he’s on camera. According to Washington Post TV critic Tom Shales, Jeremy is, “a born performer with an ebullient and guileless smile”.