Becoming Bulletproof in The New York Times!

Hey everyone! The documentary about my movie, Becoming Bulletproof, just got a review in the New York Times!

Check it out here!


Jeremy started acting with the Cheshire Film project in 2004. For two weeks every year Jeremy and forty actors gathered to make a film. The films are not about disability but many of the actors have disabilities.

Over the years Jeremy and his friends at Zeno Mountain Farm produced a number of films, including: Sweetwater Tides (A soap opera), The Return of the Muskrats (a pirate musical), Sky Squad Eagle Eight (a superhero adventure), The Adventure of Lenny Maloney (A time travel film), The Greatest Song Ever Written (a rock and roll documentary), and In the Pines (a horror film), Finding Zach Efron, and then Bulletproof was produced.

Jeremy has had roles in all of these films, including the lead in Lenny Maloney and Bulletproof. It has been shown at theaters and festivals from coast to coast.

Also, award winning film maker Michael Barnett has produced and directed a documentary on the making of Bulletproof. Becoming Bulletproof is about to take off on another tour up the east coast to New York and then back to Los Angeles.

As the result of his work with How’s Your News? and other films Jeremy appeared on the Sarah Silverman show on Comedy Central TV.